Works in Progress

Works in Progress

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Works in progress.
Warning : Any attempts to read any of these stories all at once will result in mass confusion. Beware.
All stories were written and copyrighted by one S.M.N. except where noted. (Yes, more stories will be coming.)

The Stained Glass Princess :
This idea's been in my head for quite awhile, and hopefully I'll be up to finishing it soon. The idea was actually taken from a friend's recurring dream, where he did try to rescue a girl frozen in a block of stained glass. I caught onto this image right away and decided to turn it into a fairy tale. The storyline goes like this : Prince embarks on a hero's journey. Prince stumbles upon case made of stained glass and must solve riddle to free princess trapped inside. Prince solves riddle. Prince frees princess. They get married and live happily ever after. The end.

The Water Stake :
This one is kind of a background story to complement "Run-In," but it's turning more and more into an expansion of the whole superhero idea . . . something I've written about and been fascinated with since I was a child. This one sees our heroes going against a big corporation that's scheming to turn water into a commodity . . . and this issue is really something that we could be hearing about in the news a couple decades down the road.

Turning Scarlet :
Another superhero expansion story. This one deals with Scarlet - who, if anything, is the central character of the whole series - and Cryss, and how they first met. More details pending on the background of this series.

(c) S.M.N.