09.30.02 >0942

Jerry Falwell recently had two new neighbors move in across the street from his church. Publicity stunt or not, at least they're not being shunned or anything (for the most part) by Falwell's congregation.

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09.26.02 >1212

"What makes a war 'just'?"

Three Christian ethicists yesterday opposed a "pre-emptive war on Iraq," echoing a statement signed by 100 Christian thinkers who wanted to heat up the Washington debate on "just war" approaches to the Iraqi threat.

"We see and hear no moral account" for the Bush administration's proposal to invade Iraq, the Rev. Shaun Casey of Wesley Theological Seminary said at a news conference here.

More open discussion on the just-war tradition, which was formed over centuries of Christian thinking, would help "structure the public argument" over U.S. military actions, said Mr. Casey, who organized the signature drive.
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Addendum: Methinks this article might have been in response to the release of the Bush administration's National Security Strategy. You can find it here (PDF file).

Also, Christian leaders respond to the NSC.

09.25.02 >1342

Here is a transcript for the forum on blogging and journalism that was held last Tuesday at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. Great stuff, very thought-provoking.

09.24.02 >2103

The best way to scare off a potential guest at one's home: lay out a doormat that says "Your face doesn't ring a bell" or "You are the Weakest Link... Goodbye" on it. Not that I've tried it, nor will I unless someone bribes me to... (Me and Murm are trying to get people to COME OVER to our apartment, not the complete opposite, after all!)

- -

And a demonstration that divine appointments happen all the time (esp. when I don't realize it): I went to a prayer conference over the weekend in Oakland and totally had a blast. Saturday night after the service ended, I saw a familiar girl in the adjoining gym where some books were being sold, but couldn't quite place her face in my memory. So I followed her when she headed back to the sanctuary, finally stopped her and started talking to her a bit.

"Waitaminnit," she suddenly says, eyeing me. "Where've I seen you before?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out."

"Ohmigosh," she exclaims, at the same time recognition hits and I finish her exclamation with, "You're in my Foreign Policy class!"

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I've already asked some friends this, but I'm still curious - is the phrase "Pop yo' collar" just a Northern California gangster/rap thing or what?