09.19.02 >1546

Today's "The Boondocks"...

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09.17.02 >1428

Urquhart posted something interesting at his blog recently:

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it."

What do you imagine the odds are we'd hear this if an American-born Muslim decided to speak out against what the U.S. is doing in Afghanistan or Iraq?

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Something else Urquhart sent to me that's worth looking at: Scenario 12D.

Notice the date it was aired. I was rather perturbed after reading this. (You can also find synopses here and here.)

09.16.02 >1825

Methinks Mr. Jesse Jackson really needs to go back to his roots as a reverend and not as a political activist. And don't you just love this headline? "Jackson dismisses Founding Fathers" Apparently the words of the folks who wrote our Constitution and our country's Declaration of Independence are no longer applicable for today.

Some "Rally for Peace."


"The Left and 9/11":

I spoke to a range of left intellectuals, from social democrats who were convinced that Afghanistan was a necessary and just war, to anti-imperialists who believed that it was a nasty war of retribution. More important, I spoke with people, arguably the left majority, who fell somewhere in between, in that sea of uncertainty that is the post-9/11 condition. They weren't ecstatic about the war in Afghanistan, but they couldn't bring themselves to oppose it either. The question that has vexed them is where to draw the line between self-defense and imperial aggrandizement.

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Wow - I wish I'd been there. On September 10, Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for Palestinian students at Bir Zeit University near Ramallah.

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09.12.02 >1405

This headline was pretty frank about interpreting the message of Bush's speech from this morning - "Bush gives UN an ultimatum: His speech Thursday challenged the UN to enforce its curbs on Iraq or be sidelined."

You can find a transcript of the speech here.

09.11.02 >1116

Bloody, bloody canvas
Streaked with the dirt of my black soul
Unrelenting in its snarls of hate

Bloody, bloody canvas
Touched by the flow of purity
From the Master's well of Grace
His body, His blood, His burden
My salvation

Bloody, bloody canvas
Bloody and dark no more