10.31.01 >1513

Phobias, phobias everywhere! (via Kottke)

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"The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland just below the Adam's apple. This gland plays a very important role in controlling the body's metabolism, that is, how the body functions. It does this by producing thyroid hormones, chemicals that travel through the blood to every part of the body. Thyroid hormones tell the body how fast to work and use energy."

Hmm. Now if only I actually had one.

I've heard about Graves Disease, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism ... not having a thyroid gland is a different story altogether. I haven't really felt any really bad effects from this condition, but I've had to take synthroid pills since Day One just to make up for the lack of having an actual thyroid gland. Sometimes, though, *guilty look* I forget to take the dratted pills. Oops ...

Call this your medical lesson (for the end) of the month!

10.30.01 >1758

Some early winter impressions :

It rarely snows here along the coast; it rains instead. And right now it is raining, so I hope the showers continue for the rest of this week. I love to hear the pitter-patter of raindrops hitting my window.

Snow. I still wish it snowed, though. I've got this image of angel's robes, fresh and white, floating to the ground and cushioning my bare feet.

I wish it was winter already.


Here's a pretty interesting FAQ on the origins of Halloween.

I don't celebrate this increasingly popular holiday anymore, and haven't since I was ten, really. Tomorrow, however, SCC will be holding their annual Harvest Party. It should be a koo-el evening.


I could weep for hours or days at a time
Though my tears may seep into your bones,
You will not come back to me


10.29.01 >2154

What the Moon Knows

The secrets of the owl's wing
The runes of wolf and lynx,
The cryptography of shadows on the snow
The furtive song of rabbit and mouse,
What the rattling oak leaves mean,
The cipher of frost on a window
Illuminated by a sheen of blue light,
Whose footfall crosses the frozen lake
Each step erased by the sweep of wind.
Where the bones are hidden
And how you got there and what
You are thinking now staring up
Into that stony eye, your heart
Just another small creature beating
Against the fluttering wall of darkness.

- Richard H. Behm


SCC does this neat-o thing on the last Sunday of every month. We have four cell groups that meet in designated houses in different areas of Livermore (North, South, East and West are the official names of each area) - basically, it depends on where you live that determines which cell group you belong to; yesterday our cell group met at a house just down the street from where my family lives. We munched on finger foods, talked, laughed, then assembled in the living room to have a little Bible study.

What surprised me most about this meeting was the holiday-ish atmosphere. There was hot apple cider; a fire quietly roared in the fireplace; outside, a sharp chill nipped at our faces and hands when us youth went out to the backyard to eat.

Some stores already have all their Christmas ware out on display. While I realize that it's only fall and still October (well, not for long, anyway), I'm getting excited about the holidays already.

And in the face of everything that's happening in our world today, I hope the holiday season this year brings you a little cheer, as well.


The Sims is one heckuvan addicting game. Don't play it unless you've got a lot of time on yer hands to waste.

10.28.01 >1401

"You take my brokenness
Call me to Yourself
There You stand
Healing in Your hands"

from "It Is You,"
D. Zschech

10.27.01 >1812

San Francisco has turned out to be one of the U.S. finalists to host the 2012 Olympic Games; the other cities contending to play host are New York City, Washington DC, and Houston.

Maybe it's just me, but I hope the U.S. Olympic Committee's choice is an impartial one. I dislike the fact that people are suggesting that NYC be picked based solely on what happened September 11 - I am not saying that what happened on that day will be a thing of the past and forgotten, but 2012 is still far down the road time-wise. Things could be a lot different by the time that year arrives.

10.26.01 >1457

And here is this week's Friday Five :

1. What's your favorite time of day? When the sun sets. If it's a clear day, I love the array of colors that appears above me - pink, purple, orange ...

2. What's your least favorite time of day? Noon, really. It's the middle of the day, it's hot (if it's summer, that is), I'm hurting after sitting too long in this chair in a very stuffy clasroom, and I wanna go home already!

3. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Does it cause any problems? I'm a nite owl. Other than depriving myself of a few more hours of sleep that slipped away from me during the wee hours, no, it doesn't cause problems.

4. If you had an entire worry- and obligation-free day, what would you do with it? I'd get lost in a library and stay lost.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Mesa goin' hoooome! *ahem* Wait ... wrong movie! I'm going back to Livermore, since I have the membership class at SCC on Sunday. And I plan to read, read, read.

10.25.01 >1620

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have banned every form of entertainment except radio. Why? Because of an Afghan soap opera from BBC that's based on the Archers. I kid you not. (via rebecca)


Visit the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, which, according to the LA Times, gives "researchers and the public access to just about everything posted on the World Wide Web over the last five years." Way koo-el.

Next month two propositions will be on San Francisco's ballot - both call for the creation of a Municipal Utility District (MUD), although articles in the S.F. Chronicle and the S.F. Weekly make claims that even if these measures do pass, it will be some time before the City is able to control its own power supply. Hmmm ...

10.24.01 >2235

I'm planning to learn Perl during the next nine weeks ... and after Perl is PHP. After PHP is MySQL. I'm gettin' there!

Studies have been keeping me busy since the week started, and yet I feel like I've been getting nothing accomplished. Warring with this is the desire to post now that PH is back up (I'm a beta tester, as the site is not officially open), but I think it's going to take me awhile to get back in the groove of things, since it was down for about a month. Which is probly okay, since I've been able to study more after PH went down. Still, singing karaoke just wasn't the same thing as actually posting for the real thing, I'm sorry to say ... I'm just glad it came back before I completely lost interest.


No strike! Woohoo!

I don't know how ironic this can get, but next Sunday I'm going to take a membership class at Sunset Community Church. I say it's ironic because that means I'll be attending church in Livermore, which is about an hour away from where I live in S.F. ... my brother and I attend this church; the rest of my family goes to church in San Francisco!

10.23.01 >1018

I really hate my computer. (As if you wanted to know that.)

Check out these sites for some great recipes to try out :

The Food Network's FoodTV.com
All Recipes
Top Secret Recipes
Arielle's Recipe Archives
Tasty Recipes
Recipe Source
Food Heaven
Cooks Recipes
Ack ... I'm getting hungry all of a sudden!

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Looks like the strike won't be starting 'til midnight ...

10.22.01 >2025

Did you know that police officers die more by suicide than by getting shot "in the line of duty"? Veddy interesting.

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How often does a human being shed tears?

This is a familiar topic, and I don't know why I'm so stuck on it - tears are all I've been thinking about today. Tears used as a cleansing agent, specifically. Hmmm ...

Anyway, go to Random Crying to tell of the last time you shed tears. No, I'm not joking, man!! What're you waiting for?


Les Miserables is turning out to be quite a story - you can listen to a radio drama version of LM here. (Just make sure you have RealPlayer 8 Basic on yer computer first.)

10.21.01 >2104

Eek ... don't ever get baptized in windy, 50-degree weather, in a pool that's unheated. I didn't get baptized, just some people from my church, but I was dumb enough to go and watch with workout pants, and just a tank top and a thin fleece. Real smart, Sarah.

They're probly going on strike on Tuesday. This isn't the greatest time to go on strike, either, not with the holidays coming up soon and all ... this also affects my coming home on the weekend.