10.31.02 >2247

The times when I try to be inscrutable, emotionless and expressionless - it is those times when I instead seem most transparent.

10.30.02 >1932

This bit of fan fiction from TheForce.net that's been in my e-mail cache for several days: "Campaign 20,000."

Required: some copious free time and a funnybone. If copious free time can't be found, I guess just a funnybone will do.


Is it just me, or do some women have a rather fanatical bent for chocolate?

10.29.02 >1213

The Soldier

To the battle the soldier goes
Leaving behind his beloved
Why does he fight in horror fields?
What has caused his heart to be moved?

Is it for God, "King," or Country?
Is it for self to be unmoved
By the changed world or instead touched
By a man still undefended?

Is it the brotherhood of man?
Is it his heart's nobility
That makes him fight for his freedom,
Preserving precious liberty?

I know not why the soldier goes
Into the heat or cold of war
I give the soldier gratitude
He stilled tyranny's dark roar


10.28.02 >2337

About a month ago I posted this Washington Times article that concerned a collaborative statement made by a few Christian ethicists (pause and take a deep breath here, I know this is a long sentence) about whether a war with Iraq would be "just" or not - and those same folks thought it wouldn't be. Martin Roth offers a rather thought-provoking rebuttal to this argument.

P.S. And Daylight Savings Time is sooooo not my friend. Argh...

P.P.S. And to JW: I've decided that I like "stinker" or "kiddo" better. "Pookey" just doesn't fit, now that I think about it...

10.24.02 >2339

The last installation of David Frum's series - "The truth: America is indeed subverting the Middle East." I'm of the opinion that this one is rather anti-climactic after all those myth-busting bits of text goodness, but...


A conversation overheard during the class break this morning:

Guy 1: Hey, didja know they caught the snipers?
Guy 2: WHAT!?
Guy 1: Yeah, I heard it on the radio on my way in--
Guy 2: &#@$!
Guy 1: ?
Guy 2: I made a bet with a friend that he'd kill 20 people before he got caught.
Hmmm - could be that college students nowadays are just plain WEIRD. Or it could just be me... ('Course, I am a college student, so I should know, eh?)

10.23.02 >1818

David Frum tackles Myth Four: "America couldn't care less what the rest of the world thinks."

Tomorrow is the last installation of his series on "common misconceptions about America": "The truth - the US Has become a destabilising force in the Middle East."

10.22.02 >1617

An interesting comparison between the Brits and Americans and their systems of government. In making his comparison, the writer tackles what he says are several myths about the Iraqi war threat. Here are Myths One ("America is totally in hock to the Jewish lobby"), Two ("America wants war with Saddam because of oil"), and Three ("Bush wants war with Iraq because of a family vendetta"). Tomorrow comes Myth 4: "America is a rogue state that defies international opinion." I'll post it here as soon as it becomes available.

(via Bene Diction)


Heartstrings are not invulnerable to a scissor's edge. Nor are they as strong and taut as we'd like to think; no, they're more like thread, easily frayable if teased too much. I'm sorry if I've ever unwittingly tried to cut yours.

10.21.02 >1647

Happy Birthday, sis!

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impression = i:

My fascination with words has left a lasting i: on me, like a new coat of paint applied to a grime-covered surface. (Alas, now if only the touch seemed just as smooth. Satin to the eye, but burlap and fragile to my fingertips...) Or think of it in terms of the footprints left on the moon's surface: immune to the ability of friction to wear away a substance.