10.19.02 >0124


To make a "good first impression" usually clears the way for a shot at a good job or a nice date. I think they should make that "a good first and last impression." Why? Well, whoever said anything about a good second or third impression? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Yeesh - it's nearly 1:30 in the a.m. and my mind's racing at the speed of 315 mph just because I'm thinking about impressions.


What the heck?!

10.18.02 >2335

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. They span time periods (sometimes literally), personalities, and thought processes.

So what is your idea of a superhero?

10.17.02 >1818

How Saddam Manipulates the U.S. Media

I s'pose it'd be pointless to ask about journalistic ethics in this case... (via InstaPundit)

10.16.02 >2050

I found an interesting CT article on Buffy - it's mostly interesting to me because this is one of the shows that conservative Christian groups warn us about, about opening a door to evil (read: demonic) influence, and it doesn't faze me much. I'm not disparaging the reality of such evil - it just doesn't affect me in any personal way.

10.15.02 >2321

Note to self: the Reeder must post. Soon.

For some of us Classics geeks, it's nice to know that some kiddies are learning a not-so-dead language or two at such an early age.

Okay, Rhe - you are the SLEEPIEST LINK. Good night!