10.19.01 >1344

Now check out this baby!

This was designed by artist/architect Santiago Calatrava in 1996 and is located in Valencia, Spain. Funny, but on one site it's called a planetarium, and yet on his site he calls it an opera house!

Across the hall from the office where I work, an interior design graduate student had set up an exhibit that I guess was s'posed to help her write her thesis, and that's where I first laid eyes on pics of this kool piece o' architecture. I dunno about you, but it reminds me very much of an alligator lazily peering at me from his underwater perch. Koo-el, no?


Time for the Friday Five!

1. What's the best gift you've ever received? Oy, this is a hard question - but I'd have to say the best gift I've gotten so far was the $50 gift certificate from L.T. for my b-day.

2. What's the worst? A hunter green sweater I got last Christmas from my mother ... it just wasn't my style. (Sorry, Mom!)

3. What do you want for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa this year? Rent money, books, things for my kitchen(!), a kitten ...

4. As far as Holiday shopping goes, do you buy throughout the year or do it last-minute? Last minute. Not on purpose, though!

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? I'm headin' home to Livermore! My family will probly be having lunch with one of the former ministers of the S.F. church tomorrow ... beyond that, I'm going to relax and curl up with a book.

10.18.01 >2243

I love doing profile stories. Perhaps this is the best way for me to overcome my sometimes-there shyness by getting to know people and figuring out what makes them tick, and what's the best way to present them to readers of a paper. What makes 'em newsworthy? And even if they didn't appear in the news ... what's their story?

So anyway ... I had my Reporting class tonight, and the entire time everyone in the class got involved in an interview with my professor, because it seems like he's going to be subject of the profile story that's due next week. I think some people were afraid to ask about his personal life because he was the professor, but he had no problem answering questions. Koo-el.

~ * ~

I am most like Lando Calrissian, according to the Star Wars Personality Test. Ummmmm, okay. (via geek mystique)

Yes, yes, I know I'm posting a lot of kawazy "personality test" links lately, but I can't help it!! Take the dang test already and have a little fun ...


What do you do when there are no words?

By that, I mean you've suddenly run out of things to say. That seems to happen often to me whenever I talk on the phone; it's awkward for me, because I want to say something and never can think of a suitable subject that's actually on my mind.

And then there are times when my attention's split and focused on five different things, and I have a hard time figuring out what I should focus on first.

A minor pet peeve, but nevertheless an annoying one ...

10.17.01 >2031

When I'm in the cockpit, I am known as ... Shotgun! Get yer Top Gun pilot callsign here. (also via pie in the sky)

Hmm ... this also gives me a few ideas ... (can you just see my eyes gleaming?)

Yeah, Matt, I hate it when reporters do that, too (scroll down to the second 10.14 post).


Reds, golds, deep yellows, oranges, browns. How I wish autumn were truly here in this array of colors ...

And cripes. For some reason, I can't stop thinking about my grandfather. I miss him.


Okaaaay ... is this a good or bad thing??
Click here to find out what robot you really are


According to my Belief-O-Matic results, I am a Conservative Protestant. [(That doesn't surprise me.) via pie in the sky]

Watched the premiere of Smallville last night on WB - this show is koo-el. Way. Koo-el. Tom Welling does a great job of playing the teenage Clark Kent ... it doesn't hurt that he's cute, but *ahem* I'm digressing ...

10.16.01 >1155

I got my self-reflection essay back today (got an A-! Yay!). However, I didn't like it too much because I didn't go into as much detail as I knew I should have, especially after hearing what everyone else read aloud (we had to pick a paragraph or two to share with the rest of the class before we turned our essays in). I heard so many great ancedotes, and I wish I could've gone deeper with my own reflections and shared the stories that I knew would make my essay stronger. Ah, well - there's always a next time ...

~ * ~

Take my ...


Add some sanity. Insert a soul and a heart.

Pray to God to breathe on this mess, and put it all into a blender and mix for 21 years.

You get me.

10.15.01 >1732

From time to time
The human heart binds unto itself
Savagery of the darkest kind
And from it is birthed
Shadows who deflower the soul

Pour not into me, Dark One
For your seductive whisper dispels like smoke
Upon the door of my being


~ * ~

Argh - I know it's only Monday, but I keep forgetting to check the Friday Five so I can post it on my blog! Hope I don't forget this when the coming Friday arrives ...

Another Argh : I've got that song "Memory" from The Cats musical stuck in my head!

10.13.01 >2242

Where do shooting stars come from?

Ash's house is located on the outskirts of Atascadero, out in the country, you can say. No streetlights. Llamas (YES, I said llamas), horses, dogs, ostriches (and yes, I said ostriches!), idly grazing in fenced areas of pasture ...

Ash and her best friend dragged me outside to watch the stars about two hours ago, and I wished then that I could go into the country more often to do a little stargazing. I laid down on the pavement that led to the porch and would've stayed out there for the rest of the night if it hadn't started to get chilly.

The endless array of stars winked into existence, one by one; some were very faint, some were bright. A strip of sky was colored a lighter hue than the regular night black and arced across my line of vision, disappearing into trees.

And then I was staring at an infinite black ceiling, decorated with sparkling silvery-blue glitter, each tiny sparkle hanging there above me at different levels by an invisible thread. I felt that if I stared long enough, I'd be floating across that glittery, mysterious landscape, where no horizon existed ... and I wondered then where sky and earth actually met.


There are certain little things I've already found enchanting about this place : the fact that Ash's mother loves to buy old things from garage sales and repair them so that they look like new (I watched her put furniture varnish on an old, wooden filing cabinet she bought this morning - now the thing is close to looking like something pricey that you'd buy from a furniture store) ... the little knicknacks around the house ... bribing the reigning feline of the family, Pinkie [or the Princess (with regal emphasis on the "-cess"), as the residents of the house respectfully call her] ...

I'm really glad I came here, though I felt a brief stab of homesickness last night. I need to travel more often ...

10.12.01 >1805

Hiya, from Atascadero ...

Anybody ever ridden the Greyhound before?

Funny - I brought about four books along for the trip to keep myself occupied, along with a bunch of CDs and my notebook, and none of it helped me from nearly going insane.

I guess I can't stand rides that last five hours long, but oh well ...

10.11.01 >1305

They say that freedom is a constant struggle
They say that freedom is a constant struggle
They say that freedom is a constant struggle ...

O Lord, we've been struggling so long
That we must be free ...

~ * ~

Hrmm ... I didn't know some Christians didn't like poetry ...

I really can't see how you can not like it, though, when ya got Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Lamentations included in the Bible ...



Ylang and I were walking home from the grocery store the other day, talking all the while. Well, actually, Ylang was doing more of the talking than I was. I interrupted her now and then or I'd wait until she was finished speaking to ask questions, and off she'd go again. (Er, this routine might sound kinda familiar to some of you!)

And then Ylang suddenly turned around to look at me. "Do you know what the best feeling in the world is?" I said I didn't know. "It's when you want to express yourself in a certain way, and the person you're expressing yourself to actually understands what you're trying to communicate."

I feel a lot, but most of the time I cannot express what I'm feeling in any way other than writing. Vocalizing my opinion is something I'll do if you ask me for it directly, but even then I have trouble finding the right words to get what I want to say across. By nature, I listen and observe more; I ask questions more than I answer them.


My main avenue of expression is the written (typed?) word. What's yours?


So many ways exist to express oneself . There's body language. (Think dancing.) There's art. (Painting, sketching and drawing, even writing is considered an art in one way or another. Think singing!) There's style. (Look at what you're wearing right now. Or think costume - ya know, Halloween or some sort of performance?) And then there's open forum. (Think protests. Think debates. Think discussions at the coffee shop. Think politics, even. Meetings, maybe, bad memories or no.)


This is nothing more than a side note, I guess. When I did a search on this word (yay, Dogpile!), most of the results were homepages for "maintain freedom of expression" groups. I wonder what that means, or if it even has any meaning? Do these people feel that expression is being repressed in some way?