11.28.02 >1226

The Official Turkey Dinner has not yet begun - I'm not dressed for it yet, we aren't done baking for it yet - oy, since we're baking so many goodies just for Thanksgiving, I have to wonder what sort of dessert menu we'll come up with for Christmas - so I will point out some tidbits of interest currently floating downstream on the Net's cyber surface whilst I wait.

This week's Link of Note is James Lileks. I have to admit that I experience a stab of Writer Envy every time I read his Bleats. He's good. Very very good.

Salman Rushdie has an op-ed in the NYT that's made me ponder a bit about tolerance, or the lack thereof. Today is not a good day to go into it, I think, so I'll tackle this subject tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy yer bird, the trimmings, and the presence of family. God bless us, everyone!


As it is, my insomnia is finally waning, and the fight between getting some sleep and wanting a midnight snack is beginning.

Well, thank You anyway, God, for some nice digs, an equally nice roommate (and sister), a bed to sleep on and a pillow on which I can lay my head, and an ample food supply in the kitchen. (I wonder if Murm would notice that I snitched a sugar cookie...) I can't say I've ever gone hungry or thirsty in a world where a hunger and thirst for something prevails.

And, oh yes, thank You for DSL and the freedom of expression. And thanks for giving us brains and an intelligence too. (Now if only some people actually remembered You gave 'em one for a reason.)

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

11.27.02 >1413

Newsflash: The Prez has named Henry Kissinger to head an investigative commission charged with looking into the 9/11 attacks. I won't read much into this until I find out more 'bout Mr. Kissinger, but I wonder what this commission could uncover that we don't know already.

11.26.02 >1842

I've come to realize that I like to think in questions. I ask questions of myself and of others (yeah, you know who you are, especially those of you who've had to endure my "psychiatric evaluations"). I've discovered a lot about myself and about life in general through questions. I can't tell if it's just because I'm curious about everything, and it's certainly not because I want to be more knowledgable about any one thing, but the "difficult" questions always help me understand things better.

Perhaps this is just as well.

11.24.02 >1720

The ideal outfit on a mall outing: jeans, tee, comfortable shoes.

What I see when I get to the mall: women dressed in pantsuits, heels, the full panoply of makeup, dressed to kill, dressed to flatter.

Ehh - is this really the mall or did I just interrupt a fashion show? Sorry, Gisele, didn't mean to interrupt the Victoria's Secret parade!

Yes, obviously some of the members of my own sex puzzle me. That or I'm a lot more conservative in my dress code than I realized.

11.22.02 >2151

Can I glide on fire?
Yes, in my heart.

And in case you've been wondering, I'm a little short on things to say, besides a few random tangents like the one above. (Jer: Who are you and what did you do with Sarah? [Sarah wishes she knew the answer to that herself.])

I need to recover my own muse - of course, I don't even know if I really lost him or her in the first place.


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