11.18.02 >2043

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but technology absolutely rocks. My dad's in Las Vegas to attend the Comdex convention, and he stood in front of his hotel's panning webcam and waved at us about twenty minutes ago. WOOT!


Taking the bus and/or train is always an interesting experience. For one thing, it's the best place to eavesdrop!

Tonight, for instance, I took the express bus just as everyone was getting off work. The 20X passes the Sandia and Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Labs, and by the time we were out of Livermore and on the freeway, a considerable amount of people had gotten on. And suddenly I hear this directly behind me:

"Yeah, hi, this is ---- ----- from Lawrence Livermore. I'm on the 20X bus - you can probly hear the motor in the background - and I was wondering if I could express my appreciation for ---- -------; he's provided some great service for the 20X, he's always on time, but unfortunately he transferred to another bus line about two weeks ago. Is there any way we could get him back or put in a good word to his boss for his performance?"
Normally I'd mind my own business - I know, since when does a nosy student reporter mind her own business? - but the guy was talking loud enough for everyone sitting in the front of the bus to hear. 'Sides which, I don't think I've ever heard any bus passenger say anything nice about the driver during the four-plus years I've used public transportation.

I would say taking the train was just as interesting tonight, but all I heard on the train on my way back to my apartment were kids crying. Nothing new about that...

11.16.02 >1233

Here's a nice in-depth piece from the Jerusalem Post's Bret Stephens on the upcoming UN inspections - and everything that could happen afterwards.

Okay, okay, now I'm really gone for the weekend! Until Monday.

11.15.02 >1322

Does anybody remember the Power Rangers? I was big fan of the series back when it debuted about, oh, eight years ago, and stayed a fan for the first few seasons. (Nowadays I think Saban seriously needs to cancel whatever mutation of the series that's currently airing on Fox! Kids and let time bury the whole notion that the Power Rangers even existed, but *ahem* that's just me.)

Anyway, I saw this VeriSign ad the other day; it was a strip of pictures glued together, promoting I-have-no-idea what about their services, but one of the pictures stuck to me. This guy was dressed in the Black Ranger's costume - no helmet, and he was also wearing a red cape. He stood on a desolate desert road, thumb in the air, apparently trying to pick up a ride from any passing drivers willing to bestow some sympathy on him.

My imagination must've been in overdrive, because I could just see the headlines now for this one on tomorrow's tabloid front cover: "Super Hero Is Really A Bum!" Or, even better: "Super Hero Accidentally Reveals True Identity While Trying to Bum Ride off Trucker."

That's my little hokey story to start off your weekend. Hope it's a quiet one.

P.S. (Isn't it koo-el how having a blog can help you post the most nonsensical drivel just because you feel like it?)

11.14.02 >2048

Before I "lose" this, here's an update on the youngest victim of the recent D.C. sniper spree. A rather heartwarming tale, I assure you. (link via Unqualified Offerings)


A public figure one should keep a critical eye on: John Poindexter. (via A Small Victory)

A potential bureaucracy one should also be wary of: the Department of Homeland Security. (via InstaPundit)

I could go into a lot more detail with both, but...check it out yourself and draw your own conclusions. (Hey, at least I'm raising public awareness 'bout this stuff, yo.)

11.12.02 >1942

It's 7:45 in the eve, give or take a few minutes, and it feels like it's 11 pm instead. This is probly the only thing I hate about this time of year, the early setting and late rising of daylight. I may be a night owl, but I ain't too sure about calling the night my friend yet.

On to the real reason for this post: lately I've been posting links to the pundits who've sprung up in the blogosphere since 9/11. They come from both sides of the political spectrum, and some of their views I agree with, but not all (that'd make me a confusing mess, wouldn't it?). Here are some of my faves that are or aren't on the blogroll, in no particular order - enjoy:

A Small Victory
Nick Denton
Unqualified Offerings
little green footballs
Jeff Jarvis
No War Blog
Charles Murtagh


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