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For Jer - and all others who need some encouragement.

A man treading the path of Life finally collapsed in exhaustion by the wayside, watching the earth's populace pass him in their meandering paces. He noticed that some bore heavy burdens upon their shoulders and wondered why any person would want to lug such troublesome rocks along for the journey. Others walked past with black thunderclouds hovering over their heads. Still others walked by, cheerfully, blindly smiling at nothing ahead of them, as if this trip were another excursion to a paradise that was but a mirage.

But then the man noticed that some people who continued to fall every few feet would dodgedly trudge on, despite the numerous invisible barriers that caused them to stumble so frequently. While he mused over how they could resume a path that tormented them so, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to see a cleanshaven man in beautiful robes beside him, watching the endless parade.

"Who are you?" the tired wanderer asked, startled by the other man's sudden appearance.

The newcomer merely gestured to the sea of humanity traipsing past them - to those who fell but regained their footing. "You wondered how such could continue, despite the obstacles. I will show you."

He stepped closer and passed his hand slowly over the traveler's eyes. The voyager's mouth fell open. Behind every person who stumbled was a man dressed in similar garb as his newly arrived companion. Every time an emigrant fell, the man behind would gently help the person to his feet and persuade him to continue on.

"I believe, friend, that you only have a little bit more of the road to walk," the stranger said kindly, and held out a hand.

The wanderer stared at him for a moment, then slowly reached out to grab the proffered hand. He was surprised at the strength behind the other man's grip; the man pulled him up and wrapped a comradely arm about his shoulders, guiding him back towards the road. "Just a little further," the helper murmured with an encouraging smile. "A little while longer. You're almost there."

"Who are you?" the traveler whispered, both awed and perhaps even a bit frightened.

"My name is Hope," the helper simply replied. "And I am ever with you."


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This film has been generating a lot of publicity lately...

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Did you vote today?

The polls (for me) were located at my former elementary school. I suppose that'd be something insignificant, if not for the fact that the secretary who used to work in the front office and now volunteers there recognized me. Even better, she still remembered everyone in my family.

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Hmmmmmm... (via A Small Victory)

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What does it truly mean to "keep the Sabbath"?

Well, okay, let me rephrase this. God rested on the seventh day, which would technically be Saturday (not that I don't think they had all the names of the days of the week figured out by then, but that's sooo besides the point...). Most of Christendom (unless one goes to a Seventh Day Adventist church) claims Sunday as the rest day of the week.

I come from a home where anything secular was not allowed to be viewed/played/done, with the exception of the football/baseball/basketball games. (Yes, I know, that seems rather hypocritical, doesn't it?) I know that before my time - say, mid twentieth century - stores would roll up their sidewalks on Sundays and the whole town would pretty much shut down to honor this "day of rest." Nowadays, though, Sunday is just a regular day for a majority of individuals and companies. I still get frowned at sometimes by my parents for doing certain things (like going to see a movie or listening to "hard" music) on Sundays, so I must ask: how do we actually rest on the day of rest?

P.S. Sink Girl, Poet Woman... now I'm busting out with the parentheses all the time. I s'pose I shouldn't set myself up for this, but maybe I can add "Parentheses Chick" to that cadre of "cute" nicknames. (Note the the quotes around the word cute - awww, geez, I'm doin' it again...!)

P.P.S. I must have this thing for royalty: Sarah means "princess" and Rhesa means "prince." (Thank you, Hannah, for pointing that out!)



rhesa is a half sister to the toney children
rhesa is an all
rhesa is kept very busy teaching her two eldest children and caring for the youngest
rhesa is confident
rhesa is doing her nursing clinicals at southern nazarene university
rhesa is studying nursing at snu and titus studies church music there
rhesa is not a proper name
rhesa is an aramaic word meaning 'prince' and was zerubabbel's title
rhesa is the persian word for "prince
rhesa is(!)
rhesa is born
rhesa is alweer een tijdje bij christa en ze doet het hartstikke goed
rhesa is het nieuwe hondje van christa
rhesa is no person
rhesa is the son of zerubbabel

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The way I look
at it, I'm passing through a phase:
gradually I'm changing to a word.
Whatever you choose to claim
of me is always yours;
nothing is truly mine
except my name. I only
borrowed this dust.

- Stanley Kunitz


Anybody know who April Glaspie is?


Well, now you know. (via kuro5hin)


November, November! Sweet November. Now if only your lovely reds and golds weren't discolored by escalating political campaigns and changes to prep for next Tuesday...

Here is an interesting (if not entertaining) reply to the Not In Our Name campaign. (via InstaPundit)

Also, "Brazil's Lula: A Challenge to Washington?"


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