05.10.02 >1702

Hollow-eyed and empty,
Filthy soul begging for life
That's my enemy


05.09.02 >1045

A friend of mine passed away last week - I only just found out yesterday - and since the shock's worn off now, it's gotten me to thinking a lot. A mortal man is remembered for his better qualities after he dies, unless he managed to make everyone hate the very sight of him. From an honest point of view, is it really so bad to also remember his vices and the disasters and bad moments that plagued his life? Do we just "forget" about them when he passes on because we want a more ideal picture of him to stay in our minds?

05.08.02 >1831

I remember now why I don't like taking naps in the middle of the day: I wake up and think I'm still dreamin'.

05.07.02 >2233

I apparently was too grouchy the other day to notice that I got the estimated number of school days left wrong. Not counting yesterday and today, I've got seven days left. Woohooooo!

Attack of the Clones premieres next Thursday. I'm finding that hard to believe, for some reason.


The Classic Hardcore Kid

I like this pic. And it helps that the dude in this pic is very kool. Say hi to Rich, y'all. (This is called shameless advertising. Hey, capitalism rocks, what can I say?)


I took a break from writing about ninety minutes ago to head up campus and buy lunch at the Student Centre. As I got nearer I could hear loud raucous voices coming from the plaza, and after I bought something at the Mexican restaurant I went outside to investigate.

A large crowd armed with Israel and American flags was listening to a guy exhorting them to continue to support the Israelis, and he seemed to be doing a good job riling them up. On the fringe of the crowd, an angry group of Palestinian supporters, which was only about the fourth of the size of the pro-Israeli crowd in the plaza, was attempting to drown out the speaker by shouting anti-Israel slogans, all the while waving the red, green, black and white of the Palestinian flag. Not to worry - the Palestinian contingent had its say a couple weeks ago when its members staged their own protests in the same plaza.

And yes, protests and rallies around here are pretty frequent. It is definitely a San Francisco thing.

05.06.02 >2108

I grasp at elusive words, stare blankly at characters running across my screen, and still make a grade. Should I be happy?

I must be getting feeling hard-boiled.

Crappy research papers ain't got a thing on me.

(Toooo much Philip Marlowe. And yet I'm enjoying every minute of it.)

05.05.02 >2246

(If you don't like complaints, skip this post and wait for me to hash out the next one.)


I hate research papers. Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em.

This weekend hasn't been very productive, but I s'pose that on one front, it's a good thing - staring at a Word doc can get really boring after awhile, and it makes one grouchy (esp. if the said Word doc/research paper/whateveryouwannacallthestupidthing is on a topic that doesn't strike a chord of interest in the writer). On another front, that means I'll be up late for the next two evenings trying to finish this paper. Starbucks in this instance would be very handy.

Three more weeks. I'm counting the days. Twenty-one more to go. Read 'em and weep: 21. That's how old I am. Oh, waitaminnit - I've only got three days of school every week. Fifteen days! Wooohah!


05.04.02 >2217

My first haiku (ever):

A broken friendship
You patch together is worth
Holding near your heart
The number of syllables in each line kept throwing me off, so that I had to count 'em on my fingers to make sure I didn't go over. I'm getting a hang of this, honest!

05.03.02 >0949

I get a kick out of how some Christians (who don't live anywhere close to San Francisco) look at S.F. and compare it to Sodom and Gomorrah.

I s'pose what riles me is that this comparison pretty much ignores the fact that there is a Christian presence in S.F. I don't think one could say the same for Sodom and Gomorrah. (Abraham's nephew Lot, in my opinion, didn't represent much where a righteous man is concerned.)