06.30.01 >2154

Hair, eyes, BBQs, smoke, wind. They don't mix. (Yeah, yeah, I know - "Well, I coulda told you that!")

I felt like a little kid today and jumped on a swing. Bend forward, push back, hold on tight to the chains, pump myself into the air, into the sky, even. It was an exhilarating feeling. (Check out this week's pic and you'll see what I mean.) I miss playing in the playground.

Seems like someone was interested in my Xian poetry today, which surprised me since I've shown the pieces I've written so far to only a few people, and he wasn't one of 'em. How did he hear about my writing? I'd better call or e-mail and ask.

06.29.01 >1725

Melissa's pie in the sky rocks!

Oh, and go see Dr. DoLittle 2. Hilarious as heck. I love the chameleon! And speaking of summer movies, I've got quite a list that I'd like to see :

Final Fantasy
Rush Hour 2
Jurassic Park III
Planet of the Apes
Monsters, Inc.
Ice Age
. . . and I'm sure there're more in my little mind that'll come out sooner or later.


blog of the week : bauzon

quote of the week : "Watch out for people who call themselves religious; make sure you know what they mean - make sure they know what they mean!" - John Wheelright, from A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

I identify most of the time with my Polynesian side, because I'm more familiar with the Samoan culture that influences and colors my mother's family very much. My dad's side, however, is partly Filipino, because my grandfather was full-blooded Filipino. It's fair strange - I eat Filipino food, but I don't know the culture very well. I think I need to fix this problem!

Hopefully this weekend will be fun; did I ever tell ya that I go to two churches? It's a really weird situation. The weekend before last, the church here in Livermore had something for the grads; now it's the S.F. church's turn. Funfunfun!

06.28.01 >1053

Why do I keep getting "Internal Server Errors" every time I try to edit this page?? Argh!

A chapter and a half to go! It's very interesting, the way TCFC is split up, and the people Lee Strobel interviews are folks I've never heard of 'til now. But they're all credible experts, very confident in the evidence they present, and the evidence itself is logically laid out for you to read. I think I'd like to check out some of these sources that he cited, just to satisfy my curiousity. I also think the most interesting section of this book (so far) was the interview with Louis Lapides, a Jew from Newark, NJ, who's now pastor of a messianic congregation in Sherman Oaks, CA. Why do lots of folks think Jews can't be believers?

This whole subject of proving that Jesus really existed brings back to mind the study of apologetics. No, it just doesn't mean saying sorry when you get yourself in trouble; it is also the "defense of the faith." If you're able to logically defend your beliefs without bashing your critics, I applaud you; that's something I'm still trying to master myself.

06.27.01 >1529

Reading TCFC has gotten me very interested in archaeology. Even before I picked up this book, though, I've been intrigued by this field of study; it's an interest that's come and gone for the past three years.

I guess I should've mentioned earlier that I work with my sister now in the office of a trucking company. My job? To file, file and file some more. Fun!

Well, okie, actually, it's a lot of fun. The regional manager, Robert, is such a hoot. Since Mir started bringing in little bags of cereal to work to munch on, he frequently walks by my desk to grab a handful. Talk about being addicted to something. I think I need to bring in the whole box next time.

Oh, and does someone mind runnin' out to buy me a Krispy Kreme donut? I've never tried one before, and I keep hearing good things about 'em. (Rob thinks I don't get out much. So I'm deprived. So sue me.)

06.26.01 >0827

My dad's been acting strange since last night. He locked himself in his room and apparently went to sleep early, and then he left for work this morning without saying goodbye to anyone. Mir says he's just got a lot on his mind, but that sounds kawazy; something tells me the storm clouds are still hanging over his head for one reason or another. I hate it when he gets this way - part of me gets worried about him, part of me wonders if I got him angry, part of me wants to stay away from him until he's in a better mood, and the rest of me feels angry at him for making the rest of us cautious when he's around. Whatever.

I'm halfway through The Case for Christ, and so far it's been *Spock's voice* fascinating. /end Spock's voice. No, seriously - this dude is asking a lot of great, hard and straightforward questions, interviewing scholars who've been studying different angles of the whole Jesus question for years. I'd love to take part in an archaeological dig in Israel someday. Oh, and the folks at the Jesus Seminar sound like a bunch of disillusioned kooks. But then again, I'm pretty sure most folks think the same of us Christians.

06.25.01 >0814

Picked up The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel on Saturday, and it's a rather interesting read. If I were an atheist, however, would anything in this book make me think otherwise of Christianity than what I already believe about it? I seriously don't know. I sometimes wonder what my life would've been like if I hadn't been raised in a Christian home; I can't even deny the impact this factor's had on me, because I know I wouldn't be who I am today if I was raised by, say, liberal-minded, non-believing parents. For the most part, though, I don't think I'd like to find out what Sarah would be like if she wasn't a Christian or raised in strictly conservative and very religious home. And if I did . . . I don't think I'd like her too much. She just wouldn't be me.

06.24.01 >1331

So much to do, so little time . . . *siiigh*

My poor bro was so dead on his feet when he came home from the all-nite grad party after five in the morning yesterday, but he'd had a blast. Which, I s'pose, is what counted the most. I remember well those moments of euphoria after working so hard; suddenly you're on top of the world and everything seems great, all because you finally accomplished something. All the toil has paid off, and yer ready to move on to a higher, more complicated level. Or maybe not! Maybe yer ready to relax and take a break from it all before you go further. Well, this is the time to do that. Congrats, Lare, and congrats to all the other high school grads out there, as well. (Yes, I'm done with the sentimentality already! Ya happy?)

My head's a little clearer now, so here are the verses of the week : "consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." james 1 : 2 - 4

06.22.01 >1001

Today is Madhouse Day.
Today is Graduation Day.
Today is Party Day.
Today is gonna be just kawazy . . .

And you know what? I think I'm actually lovin' it.

My bro and I attended the middle school graduation ceremony for one of our youth group friends last night. Hearin' them cheer made me wonder what tonight will be like. I am soo looking forward to seeing Larry walk across the stage! The only thing I don't like is that the school admin will be holding diplomas back if any of the graduates start causing "trouble" during the ceremony - by that, I mean throwing tortillas and beach balls in the air, or doin' the wave and such. Man, these guys don't know the meaning o' fun, even if it were to hit 'em right between the eyes.

06.21.01 >0830

Today is the longest day of the year. Whoa, baby! Where's the year flyin' off to?

I finally managed to track down So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, so now I can finish the inaccurately named "Hitchhiker Trilogy" before starting in on Darth Maul. Shadow Hunter will probly be a very interesting read. And in the meantime, we still need to paint the doors, put up new drapes and try not to go crazy (if we haven't already!).