06.20.02 >2116

Guess it didn't take as long as I thought it would. How's it look?

Okay, I know what the holdup was - all the main pages are working and "fixed," but the archives need a lot of work, as well as the other external links. I figure that this page in particular is what matters most. But I'll let you know how things are going.

06.19.02 >2036

FYI - this site is bein' re-designed as we speak. Between this, work, PH, and managing a blog or three (I just joined DYL, too), and the ordinary hurdles and such of life, I'm surprised I can think straight right now. So please bear with me! Updates here will be slow until the re-design is ready for launch, so if you'd like to get a new tidbit from Rhe during the next few days, check out my LJ - I'll be using that to post interesting stuff for y'all to read.

06.16.02 >0930


I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said that you didn't drive me crazy sometimes, Dad, but I still love you.

06.15.02 >1957

I received a somewhat interesting e-mail Thursday from one Vitra Singh:


My name is Vitra. I work for the publicity department of a soap opera called As the World Turns. Starting on Wednesday, June 19th, we are adding a new feature to our official website, which will be the weblogs of two of our female, teenage characters. We are looking for weblog sites that would be willing to link to our site. I have to stress that these logs are not of the actual actresses, but rather the characters that they play on the show. Please let me know if you are interested either way, or if you have questions.

Dear Ms. Singh: Thank you for considering me as a link prospect. However, I must regretfully decline on the basis of two personal factors - 1) I don't watch As the World Turns. 2) In general, I don't like soap operas.

Interesting - blogs have been part of the more personal realm of the World Wide Web until recently. Companies like Macromedia and publications like Christianity Today and The Guardian Unlimited have their own blogs set up now, too. It just seems weird to me, I s'pose - suddenly big, faceless organizations such as these are getting personal. Very personal. Or rather, their employees are. And it's allowed. Well, with some folks it is, anyway.

Meg recently posted an article that's worth checking out, by the way.

06.14.02 >0752

A Day in the Life of a Green Beret!

I'm starting a new job today. Good pay, people I know will be there, what more could I ask for? Should be fun. Have a great day, y'all.