07.31.02 >2152

From Jish:

"I need to write this down ... I need to describe these feelings" ... but sometimes it's literally impossible to describe the flood of memories, regrets, hopes, desires that burst into my head. It hurts. It kills."
Same feeling, different reaction. I told this to a couple people earlier today and still feel this way now: if I were to climb out of my own skin and watch myself go through a normal day, I probably wouldn't like what I'd see. It's not that I'm looking at myself through a perfectionist's mirror; I like who I am. I'm just not proud of what I've said and done these past few days.

07.29.02 >1016

Okay, what's a good way to sum up three and a half days of sun-baked fun?

No sunburns this time 'round (YAY!). Four concerts (Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, Delirious, Chris Tomlin/Mercy Me) and two seminars. Hiking up and down a rather steep hill at least three or four times a day just to get to the festival grounds on the Laguna Seca Raceway (beats running a treadmill any day, yo). Too much carnival food (must've eaten a Boston Cream Pie Funnel Cake once every day). Too many nice t-shirts, not too many books. Lots of booths. Lots of inflatable games. Lots of extremely loud music. Playing phone tag with Hannah and the AshMeister until we finally met on Saturday at the Camp Meeting Tent - the results of that meeting was about ten hands of Phase 10 and lots of conversation (oh, and Hannah and Ash got to meet my sisters, and I finally got to meet Hannah's sister Rachel, brother Peter, godbrother Ryan as well as her parents). Sleeping in every morning, too many breakfasts at Denny's (ick), not writing anything of particular significance, reading in tiny snippets, and vaguely realizing that us Western World Christians probably have it too good.

Yeaaap, that was my vacation. Now it's back to the daily grind!

07.28.02 >1507

So, yeah, just got back from a little vacation in Monterey. At the moment I'm tired and a little sore but I'm also hoping this "relaxed" feeling from being on a vacation at least lasts me this whole week. More details pending, when I'm more, um, awake.

Oh, yeah - Happy 19th Birthday, Big Lare.

07.23.02 >1205

My boss's boss and a few of the ladies get together everyday around 11 am for a quick Bible study, and today I got to join 'em for the first time. It's funny (strange) how I can get a lot more out of a Scripture passage when I'm studying the Bible with a group of people as opposed to going at it alone, but it's still pretty kool nevertheless what sort of insight I get either way.

And in case you were wondering what the heck scanners had to do with puzzles in the last post, they're completely separate items. I think I'm lettin' my sense of randomness go a little outta whack there.

07.22.02 >2115

My mom's a jigsaw puzzle freak - buy her a 3000 piece puzzle to wrangle with and she'll have somethin' to keep her busy for weeks. I, on the other hand, don't have the patience to see if two little painted pieces of cardboard lock together. In fact, I don't like any kind of puzzles period.

Scanner. I need a scanner real bad.