07.19.02 >0720

Small town, big heartache: The folks at Seagrave Fire Apparatus in Clintonville, Wisconsin, have been busy turning out 54 new fire trucks for the NYFD after the city fire department's truck fleet was decimated on 9/11.

I seem to have a lot of "musts" on my TO DO list that really aren't that important. Hmmm, priorities, priorities...

07.16.02 >1829

I'm a day late on this subject, but is the Dane the only one around who connected Slips with lingerie when he first saw the name of this blog?

Sorry, Seth, I couldn't help it. Well, okay, yes I could, but...you know...

07.13.02 >2314

What the heck is up with this? (link via Nick Denton)

- -

Kids ask the darnedest questions. Or so it seems.

Was at a relation's house and just lounging earlier this evening when my little cousin comes up and stares at me curiously. "What's your name?" she finally asks.


Where's your mama?

At home.

Where's your daddy?

He's at home, too.

Where's your grandpa?

I studied her little face for a moment. "He's in heaven."

Dark large eyes widen further. "Heaven?"


"Where's your other grandpa?"

"He's in heaven, too."

"What's your name?"

Here we go again...


To paraphase: "Before you can be brilliant, you have to follow in the footsteps of brilliant people. That means imitation for the sake of learning. Then, when you own the tools and know them intimately, you can let out that which is uniquely you and wholly originally yours." - Jason Wall

07.12.02 >0715

Happy 21st Birthday to Miriam. And don't even think about hitting me just for saying that. (Neener, neener.)

Update: She hit me anyway, and she hadn't even read this entry yet. Siblings.