08.09.02 >1620

"There's silence and then there's silence."


Many a time I equate Silence with Solitude and Introverted Thinking. On the Net so much can be posted simply for the purpose of expression, and yet when none of these avenues satisfy me, I choose Silence. It's not so much the inability to be open about myself; rather, a large degree of it has to do with maintaining personal privacy and dealing with everyday life (I'm bein' redundant - pet peeve o' mine). And then there's the emerging thought that Silence serves as a sort of momentary distraction, the chance to gather my thoughts, to recover from life's once-a-day curveballs. I'll have to confess that I like that kind of Silence a lot.

08.06.02 >2128

My online brother Jeremy started calling me Sink Girl awhile back because I'd just be finishing with washing the dishes or would have to leave to get that chore done everytime he came on AIM to chat.

To mark the video/DVD release of FOTR, he made up this little ditty (okay, he twisted it) in my honor:

One sponge to rule them all, One sponge to find them,
One sponge to bring them all and in the suds wipe them.
I swear, someone else around here needs to learn how to clean the sink...

08.03.02 >2057

Ever since I read Bob Briner's Roaring Lambs I've been rather leery of this whole Christian "sub-culture" approach a majority of Western Christians seem to have boxed themselves into. I mean, there's the Christian music industry, the Christian book industry, the megachurches and ministries that're rich enough to build their own malls - what's next? And then I read the Dane's post from Thursday and thought, "Uh oh, I fergot about the Christian blogs."

Fer the record, this is not a Christian blog. I am a Christian, yes, but my blog is just an avenue of expression - it needn't be "saved" to be used.

(And in case anyone thinks I'm contradicting myself by posting a link to blogs4God, I'd like to think of it as a site that showcases blogs done by Christians. Enough with the self-seclusion already...)


Okie, things are much better now.

Went to watch the drag races at Sears Point in Sonoma yesterday, which turned out to be amazingly fun. It was a first time for a lot of people that went (it was a youth group outing), me included, and I guess the feeling I liked the most was the rumble of the cars echoing in my chest as they sped down the raceway. My youth pastor's dad gave me ear mufflers to wear, because the roar of the engines was incredibly loud. I'd go again next year, but next year I'll know what car/bike/dragster I'm watching. Oh, and the fireworks display at the end of the show was spectacular!

This is an example of how tired we were on our way back, yo: we stopped at a McDonald's to get a bite to eat on our way home, and my friend Chris was chomping on fries when he suddenly asked, "Why do these fries taste so...chewy?" A moment later, "Geez, this ain't a fry! It's a straw wrapper!"